The Art of Landscape Design

There are many elements involved in landscape design. An experienced professional landscaper plans the layout for beautiful, outdoor spaces for your home, business or community area.


Designing a landscape is the art of arranging an area for aesthetic reasons. It is more art than science, but knowledge of horticulture is a vital component. Landscaping blends artistic composition, gardening, plant and soil expertise.

It includes the garden, but a professional, outdoor design also encompasses more than just living plants. Landscaping incorporates natural elements like flowers and trees and features like fountains, stonework and sheds.


Hardscape is the non-living, more permanent landscape design elements, such as a stone wall, brick patio, or a wooden arbor.


Softscape is the more changeable elements like grasses, flowers and groundcovers.

Space Analysis

The first step in creating an outdoor design is site analysis. A landscaping company analyzes various aspects of the site. Surveying the available space and getting exact dimensions of the area allows the landscaper to plan the design. If the capacity is not the right size for the desired outcome, the plan is changed to fit within the area’s parameters.

Soil Analysis

Next, the soil is analyzed. This step is crucial for the proper selection of plants, grasses and shrubs. Different plants thrive in different soil types.

Water Solutions

The landscaping professionals then arrange proper watering solutions to ensure the best environment for the plants. The plant choice needs to be appropriate for the ground where they will be growing. For example, it would be difficult for a client to maintain landscaping that requires lots of water in an area that doesn’t get much moisture.

A professionally designed outdoor area has many benefits, including an increase in property value, cooler temperatures and a positive impact on personal wellbeing. Landscape design is an essential element in parks, gardens, houses, businesses, hospitals and more.