How to Find a Landscape Designer

Landscaping can change the look and feel of your property. It can add curb appeal, create a yard that your proud of and more. If you’re looking for high-quality landscape design for your property, you need to find a quality designer. Here are some tips on how to find a designer that can guarantee a beautiful property.

Verifiable References

A good designer will have real references and will allow you to check them. On your initial meeting with the landscaper, ask for a list of references. Instead of trusting pictures alone, drive past the property in question. See the landscape designer’s skills at work. Most landscapers take the initial pictures directly following the job. You want to see what the design looks like after it’s had a few months of growth.

Variety of Styles

A professional in landscape design will be capable of providing you with options. He or she will have an extensive portfolio with a wide range of designs. The portfolio may have several types of plants, hardscape elements, ponds and other mediums. The designer can help you choose a style that not only works for your property but is a style that you appreciate.

Maintainable Landscapes

A designer won’t just consider what your landscape looks like right now. He or she will think ahead to how you can maintain the landscape in the future. Plants may require minimal care, won’t wear out quickly and will continue to look their best for months following. A designer can work with you to choose landscaping options that you can realistically care for.

Investing in landscaping can completely alter the look of your property. Not only do you add curb appeal, but you can reap the benefits of a beautiful yard. When it comes to choosing a landscape designer, you must look for a designer that has references, an extensive portfolio and manageable options.