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When you are looking to redesign your home’s yard, the first step you need to complete is calling Hubinger Landscaping. We have been providing quality landscape design for Wayne, NJ and the surrounding area for years, and cannot wait to work with you to create your ideal space. No matter if you are looking to complete a small job around your existing patio, or complete an entire retrofit of your outdoor space, the team at Hubinger Landscaping is here for you. Our award-winning designers have been working their craft for more than 20 years, and we are one of the only companies that will be able to design and install your dream landscape. 

Great services that we are proud to offer our clients:

Luxury house with beautiful landscaping on a sunny day. Home exterior design.


The design of a landscaped area is something that is crucial to producing a work of art in your yard. Here at Hubinger Landscaping, we will first produce a design of an amazing projection of what your yard will look like. You will be able to make on the spot decisions, and see renderings that will make it look like you are there to ensure everything is just right!

Small Yellow house exterior with White picket fence and Decorative Gate. NorthwestUSA

Plant material

 With our long history of landscaping in the area, the team at Hubinger Landscaping has a great connection to local and exotic growers in the area. With these connections come great pricing, and our clients love it. Chat with us today, and see how we can turn your outdoor space into an oasis you did not think was possible in New Jersey!



Irrigation is integral to the success of your outdoor living space, and with our unique and revolutionary designs, you will never have to see your plants get watered. We offer a variety of systems that can be self-timed, and ensure that your plants are enjoying the optimal amount of water every single day. You'll have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood!



Creating the right base for your plants is the first step in a successful garden. The team at Hubinger Landscaping will be able to create and design the perfect beds that will fit your space and provide suitable growing conditions for all your plants.

Illuminated Garden by LED Lighting. Backyard Garden at Night Closeup Photo.

Landscape Lighting

 Landscape lighting is something that will allow your outdoor space to become even more cozy as evening comes. The right lighting can set the mood, and allow you to entertain friends and family throughout those late Summer nights.

Entrance of a luxury house with beautiful landscaping on a bright sunny day.

3D Rendering

 Nothing is better than seeing your garden before it is even done. At Hubinger Landscaping we have embraced technology and will be able to show 3D renderings to scale and allow you to swap plants and redesign sections on the spot.

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As one of the premier landscaping design companies in the area, we cannot wait to help you design your dream outdoor space. Call us today, and see why Hubinger Landscaping is the premier landscape design company in New Jersey.