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Helpful Tips for Your Backyard Pool Project


Warm weather is on the horizon, which means you’ll want to beat the heat before you know it. Having an air conditioner can hep you stay cool while you’re indoors. However, if you want to spend time outside while being cool, you may want to consider installing a pool in your backyard. Before you get…

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Landscape Irrigation – When to Plan For Irrigation


If you spend time watering your lawn or simply wishing that your lawn looked green and healthy, it’s time to consider landscape irrigation. With professional installation and operation, an irrigation system can take the stress out of lawn maintenance. You’ll be on your way to soft, luscious grass. Dry, Uneven Yard The biggest sign that…

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Five Types of Retaining Walls and How They are Used in Landscaping

You’ve seen them as a way to define property lines, to confine water, and to beautify landscapes, but have you considered adding retaining walls to your home landscaping? Their curb appeal adds instant value to your property as well as beauty and definition. Take a look at these five types to understand the differences. Piling…

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Advantages of Natural Stone Cladding /Stone Veneer

Do you love the earthy sophistication of natural stone siding on a home? What about on the skirting of a pillar or indoors on a fireplace? If you answered yes, you are not alone. People are drawn to the rustic beauty of natural stone, but the cost of labor and shipping can be prohibitive. Fortunately,…

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How to Spruce Up Your House With Hardscaping


Hardscaping adds greater style to any home’s appearance. What makes this landscaping choice so special is that instead of installing flowers and trees, owners install man-made elements. These can include anything from stone walls, driveways and fountains. Here is a detailed view on the most popular choices. Walkways Stone walkways give a quaint and homey…

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Make Your Backyard Landscaping Look Amazing

Some people are naturally gifted and creative when it comes to interior design and exterior landscaping. For some, this is a hobby that comes without much planning or deep consideration. However, if you’re not skilled in this area, it can be stressful trying to come up with a plan to beautify your yard. Never fear;…

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Landscape Drainage – The Do’s and Don’ts

It is possible for there to be too much water in your yard. Whether it is due to excessive rain, a break in your irrigation system or a nearby body of water that overflowed, excess water can be damaging to the plants in your yard. When designing your yard, landscape drainage needs to be taken…

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Standing Out from the Neighborhood with Landscape Lighting


Every neighborhood has that one house with the lawn everyone envies. Well done landscape lighting can help make your lawn the most talked about in the hood. Lighting adds beauty, personality and highlights the unique features of your lawn. Bring your hard work to life even at night with customizable illumination.   The first thing…

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Irrigation Tips for a Healthy Fescue Lawn


Fescue is a grass among many of the popular types for home lawns in transition and northern zones. The hearty drought and heat tolerant grass is disease resistant but shouldn’t be watered daily. Installing a lawn irrigation system makes maintaining and growing a healthy fescue lawn easier if you know the best way to utilize…

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