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Pool installations are one of those things that you do not think about until you need one. But here at Hubinger Landscaping, we have been completing in-ground pool installations for more than a decade. This is a delicate task, and when done right can create a beautiful result that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Our pool installations take place over a few days, and when completed will make any backyard into an instant play area, no matter if you have kids or not. A proper pool will be able to stand years of winter without the need for major repairs, and when you choose Hubinger Landscaping that is what we can deliver. Call our team today, and see how we can make sure that your pool is installed the right way the first time.

Our great services and pool types include:

In-ground pool- Our team specialized in the installation of inground pools. We will be able to complete the job from the first dig until property finishing with our masonry experts. What makes Hubinger Landscaping special is that we will be able to finish the entire project with only our team. We do not subcontract, and our qualified craftsman will create a space that is perfect for your friends and family. We are currently offering the following options with our pools:


 Granite pools are all the rage currently, and with our access to local and foreign granite, the color choices are truly amazing. We will be able to craft the perfect pool out of these durable and sturdy stones to make that special place that you have always dreamed of.



For those who are looking for a more classic approach, vinyl pools are also available through Hubinger Landscaping. We will be able to mould the pool to your needs and preferences, ensuring the finish is proper, and the pool remains watertight for years to come.

Curved swimming pool coping made of stones

Pool Coping

A properly installed inground pool made of concrete or stone will need to have proper coping (essentially a cap for the edge of the pool). This offers the possibility to add decorative elements, which greatly adds the aesthetic appeal of the pool as well as the outdoor area.

Waterfalls & ponds- A water feature really brings a pool together, and this could not be truer than with a waterfall or a pond for your pool. We have produced some truly amazing work over the past few years, and no matter what you have in mine, the team at Hubinger Landscaping can make it happen.


Ready to get started?

Hubinger Landscaping is one of the first calls you need to make when looking for a pool installation. We specialize in in-ground pools and water features, and cannot wait to work with you on your next project. Call us today, and experience expert craftsmanship first hand!